daniel darden / Daniel Darden


Wine Advisor


Born in Japan, Daniel is a two-decade resident of the Napa Valley, who has been pursuing his dream of winemaking since he was first introduced to it in his early-twenties. His passion for wine would eventually land him working in a wine bar, where he managed an award-winning wine list and cellar.  But it was a bottle of Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1990 that truly opened his eyes to the wonders of wine—there was no turning back.  Eventually, Daniel traveled to France to explore its great wine regions and see first-hand the wineries and terroir he had come to love. With a new-found passion for wine and the Napa Valley in his backyard, Daniel moved to Yountville to fully immerse himself in wine culture, working from the roots up.  Having started as a cellar worker for several wineries, learning about every aspect of winemaking, Daniel enrolled in courses at UC Davis, to hone his focus and wine passion.