pablo kovacs / Pablo Kovacs


Wine Advisor


The son of a chef, Pablo grew-up in kitchens all over the world-from Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, where his father was executive chef, to Guatemala, Tokyo and the Napa Valley-with multiple ports in between. Genetic predisposition led Pablo to his own career in hospitality, which took him from Tra Vigne in St. Helena to Seattle, where he worked his way up from busboy to lead line-cook at Beard-awarded Fuller’s, where he worked for renowned chefs, William Belickis and Monique Barbeau. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of Washington, Pablo landed in Los Angeles, where he worked for award-winning chefs, David Lefevre and Thomas Keller, turning his focus toward wine and spirits.
An avid golfer and car enthusiast, Pablo’s wine proclivities range from mature Rioja to the bourgeoning avant-garde, site-driven wines coming out of California.